The NDT-Bobath developed since 1950 by Karel and Berta Bobath, a doctor and physiotherapist respectively. Together they introduced a new method of physical therapy, initially for adults and then for children with cerebral palsy. The method quickly found resonance and applied in most patients with neuromuscular dysfunction, making today as the most prevalent method.

In late 1970, Dr. Elisabeth Kong, pediatric neurologist and Mary Quinton, a physiotherapist, added experience in neonates and infants, emphasizing the importance of NDT in early intervention.

The NDT-Bobath is not a method but "thinking". The aim of NDT is to prepare the person to achieve specific functional instrument. Operations combining techniques used interceptor - facilitating and producing abnormal motor patterns to consolidate functional skills. This preparation should be incorporated in functional activity. The "thinking" in NDT will not change even if the method of application of adaptive changes in the development of new clinical and theoretical knowledge.

The NDT applies to people with impaired behavior - traffic regardless of age due to a disturbance of C.N.S.

Right Expertise in NDT have physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and doctors.


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