Wilbarger Method

The Wilbarger method is a method aimed at infants and children with intense sensory defensiveness. Sensory defensiveness is a group of symptoms related to negative or defensive reactions of the individual to harmless stimuli. It involves one or more sensory systems. So we are talking about:

  • Tactile defensiveness (overreaction to touch or tactile experiences)
  • Oral defensiveness (avoiding certain food textures or things in and around the mouth)
  • Auditory defensiveness (overreaction to noise)
  • Visual defensiveness (overreaction to light)
  • Olfactory aversion (strong reaction to harmless environmental odors)
  • Proprioceptive defensiveness (sensory input resistance joints through compression or traction)
  • Stasiki insecurity (fear of certain types of traffic) and
  • Insecurity gravity (intense fear changes in head position in space or in motion).

In order to address these problems and used the method comprising the Wilbarger program Therapressure (using a brush Therapressure in specific areas of the body and proprioceptive input / compression on TOW BALL) and training of sensory diet (special program with daily activities and specific time frames that are designed to reduce sensory defensiveness).

Our specially trained and educated on the process therapists organize and implement an individualized for each event program and educate parents on the application of the method at home for better and faster results.


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