Occupational Therapy

The Occupational therapy with developmental disorders involving :

  • the fine motor skills,
  • sensory deficits,
  • perceptual and cognitive disorders,
  • training in activities of daily life,
  • organization and preparation skills fro school.

The occupational therapist by adjusting the activity or enviroment (eg assistive technology) to the needs of the child, training in functional activities, involving all areas of personality and referred to:

  • Communication,
  • Education,
  • Social Inclusion,
  • Vocational Rehabilitation.

Key instrument in Occupational intervention skills are related to the game, as dominant functional need of the child.

Special Technics:

  • Using the non-weighted tests (test),
  • Counselling parents,
  • Utillities,
  • Ergonomic adjustments,
  • PC.


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